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Bridget and baby Maisie - A Positive Induction of Labour & Birth using hypnobirthing

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

A couple smiling, the man has his arms around the woman, she is holding a newborn baby skin to skin
Newborn cuddles

In her second pregnancy Bridget joined Birth Wellbeing Midwife for a private hypnobirthing refresher course. Having studied an online, pre-recorded course in her previous pregnancy, Bridget decided she would like 6 weeks of hourly hypnobirthing sessions for weekly relaxation and to keep her practice on course.

After our sessions with Hannah I felt I had unpacked any issues with my first birth (which was also positive) and was well equipped for my new baby’s arrival. We went for a growth scan at 34 weeks which showed my baby was measuring small. I instantly messaged Hannah who gave us an extra session with information on small babies, the risks, the options and induction of labour processes. It made us feel calm and informed about options and making decisions when we went to see the consultant at 36 weeks.

The team at Arrowe Park were amazing and supported our decision to wait another week for induction of labour. We explained our reasons why we wanted to wait, firstly getting our heads around our baby arriving earlier than expected (I had nothing sorted) and allowed us time to arrange childcare for our son. I was offered a sweep (which I accepted) and found that I was already 1cm dilated, I was really hoping to going in to labour over the next few days… but I didn’t.

I was now 38 +3 weeks and arrived at the hospital early evening in a Monday for the induction process to begin. I was so prepared for its to take days, I’d packed everything, magazines, face masks, nail varnish, playing cards… we’d decide to make it a mini break for the two of us before she arrived. When I was examined, I have a 'favourable' cervix and I was able to miss out the induction pessary and could have my waters broken. I waited almost 24 hours for this as there was a shortage of staff and lots of women arriving already in labour. I was happy as we got to have our pamper day!

My waters were broken at 6.30pm on the Tuesday, I bounced and bounced on the birth ball trying to get everything going, but the contractions were mild and irregular. So around 10.30ish I was put on the hormone drip (which I’d had with my first birth to speed up labour). My husband made the room as calm as possible, tea lights, music, room aromatherapy spray… it was lovely. We sat with our wonderful midwife Mel, chatting and group breathing in between contractions. The atmosphere was lovely. As the drip progressed the contractions were coming closer and I was feeling like I wanted to push. I asked to be examined to find I was 4cm… I was convinced she was on her way. A little over an hour later baby’s heart rate was dipping during contractions , so they stopped the drip. I really felt like she was about to be here, however Mel had asked the consultant to come and check things over. We were preparing ourselves for a C-section. We stayed calm and my husband was using the birth affirmations to keep my focus.

The consultant arrived and was looking at our chart when I began to push, he turn to my husband and said “we’ll you’re about to have a baby!”, and left! 4 big pushes later and she arrived! Screaming in to the world! Staying calm and using my breathing throughout made this birth so calm and relaxed, which in turn allowed my body to do what I had hoped it would 🥰 We had an hour of skin to skin and feeding which was just perfect. And then she was weighed and checked… a perfect 6lb 6oz, not as small as predicted which was a relief. She’s now a thriving 9 month old and piling on the weight! The hypnobirthing and support Hannah gave us is something I will never forget and I tell every pregnant person I know about it!


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