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Hannah Horne, Birth Wellbeing Midwife, has been asked to work on various projects within her roles as Hypnobirthing Teacher and Midwife. Below you can read all about her work.



Skincare in Pregnancy Blog

Skincare in is one of the lesser priortised health topics during pregnancy. This is an evidence based article on Skincare in Pregnancy written for birth professionals and birthing women and people.

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BBC Radio 4, Women's Hour

The Fourth Trimester Discussion

Hannah talks with host Jenni Murray, and Author Amy Ransom, about the 'Fourth Trimester' of pregnancy, which is, in fact the first three months post childbirth. The importance of this period in terms of recovery from birth, transition to parenthood, and newborn development is discussed. Originally aired in 2018, you can listen here on BBC Sounds (from 25m 19s if you want to skip forward).

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